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Take your trainer with you whether you train at home, on the road or in the commercial gym. My online fitness coaching software is fast, easy to use and it will help keep you motivated.

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I'm Here For a Reason: To Help You Lose Fat and get Fit!

Get in the best shape of your life. Eating healthy is a lifestyle and I will teach you to take control of your personal health with my proven Fitness & Nutrition programs.
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I have personal training options to suit every fitness level. I will help you achieve 80% better results, 3 times faster than on your own.

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David Twan – Personal Strength & Conditioning Trainer

My name is David Twan and I am a results-based Health/Fitness/Nutrition Coach in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.

I approach coaching by deeply listening to my client’s needs and what they would like to achieve. By communicating clearly, we cooperate together to identify their individual abilities and needs.  From there, I am able to create their personalized fitness and individualized nutrition program to help keep them accountable.

All client programs are based on scientific principles with updated progressions when they are required.  Specific goals may include areas such as gaining muscle, losing body fat, or optimizing sports performance. If you haven’t started to improve your level of fitness and health yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’re not too late.

By reading My Blog, you can get started by educating yourself with information on everything from exercises and programming to tasty new recipes and fad diets.  I post the latest methods for working out, all-natural healthy recipes and awesome information about how you can improve your overall health.  When you feel ready to commit to yourself and be accountable to me, you can sign up for a free consultation to get started.

Personal Training Formula For Sucess

  • Physical Training 30%
  • Nutrition & Diet Training 20%
  • Will Power – Never Give Up! 50%


Online Fitness Coaching

Online Fitness Coaching

Online Fitness Coaching is the virtual version of having your own Personal Trainer but in many ways, far superior.

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Personal Trainer

One to One-This is our flagship service where we go above and beyond where we strive to deliver a world-class training experience like no other.

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Team Training

Aesthetic Athlete

Whether you’re looking to slim down or bulk up, David Twan’s 90-day online program will help you sculpt your dream body.

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Lifestyle Nutrition

Lifestyle Nutrition

As one of the most important factors to improve your health and fitness, our certified
nutrition coach will work with you on healthy habits and lifestyle nutrition.

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Massage Therapy

An integral part of overall health and fitness, massage therapy helps restore soft tissues and
recover from aches and pains that plague us on a daily basis.

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Where East meets West. A necessity for restoring your mindset and allowing the body to recover and center itself from the daily grind.

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One of the first places we store fat and the last place we tend to lose it. The belly, aka The Spare Tire, likes to hang out around the midsection and hide our rigid six pack we have developed with tireless effort in the gym. You could be doing almost everything else correctly, but […]

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“I’ve never been so trim & fit! Feeling awesome and have SO MUCH more energy 🙂 Thanks a ton for all the help David – your patience is amazing and I appreciate it tons (as does my hubby!)”

Kim Hong

Kamploops, BC

“David Twan’s online program is awesome. He keeps me motivated and on track. Our weekly chat sessions we can talk about my personal exercise programs, my diet, fitness goals etc. Give him a try. I am glad I did!”

Dustin Holt

Edmonton, AB

“After only 6 weeks of using David as my personal trainer, I noticed my stomach was tighter, my back was stronger and my mood was even brighter! I didn’t know having a personal trainer in my life would make a difference. It sure did 😉 “

Cathie Dunklee-Donnel

Calgary, AB